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Hilltop First School and Foundation Stage

Year 4 Residential 2019

Wednesday 5th June

Lots of fun trying out a range of activities today!

Wednesday 5th June

We arrived safe and sound!! The journey took a little under two hours and the children were looking forward to getting out and stretching their legs. The grounds here are beautiful and we certainly aren't short for space. 


After bedrooms were sorted and suitcases unpacked (sort of), we heading back to the dining hall for our lunch and to await our first activities. There was to be no gentle settling in with the activities. First up was canoeing, archery and high ropes. Needless to say they absolutely loved it. As you will see from the pictures, the children got stuck in and really enjoyed themselves.


One more set of activities after that (same as before but swapping around) and it was back in time for dinner. I think it goes without saying that pudding was a hit (chocolate fudge cake, brownies or rocky road...hmmm). 


We wrapped up the day with a campfire, songs and hot chocolate before hitting the sack for a well earned rest. Children all looking forward to tomorrow and what lies in store.

Thursday 7th June

Thursday 6th June

Hello from the beautiful sunny New Forest. After breakfast, the children were split straight into their groups to head off for their first challenges of the day. Groups 1 and 2 had a go at circus skills and Traverse (a sort of horizontal climbing wall). They really threw themselves into it and a few were surprised by their natural talent at all things circus related. The climbing wall was a real challenge so congratulations to those who made it all the way around without falling off. 


Groups 3 and 4 were having fun in the sun playing with the giant games. We've been so lucky with the weather so far and the children have loved being able to run and play outdoors. One of groups had a canoeing this morning before lunch which has proven to be one of the most popular activities we've done so far.


After lunch, the children went swimming and they absolutely loved it. I think some of these children would live in the water if they had the choice. To round of the day, the groups did High ropes, orienteering, slackwire and archery. Many conquered their fears on the high ropes and went higher than they imagined possible. It was lovely to hear the encouragement from the other children in their groups.


Orienteering tested their map reading skills as well as their teamwork. and the slackwire was a test for any budding trapeze artists. All the children have got stuck in and given everything a real go. Dinner was followed by a movie night and then to bed. 


We are looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow but will also be sorry to say goodbye to Foxlease.