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Hilltop First School and Foundation Stage

Hilltop Stars 2018


Today we finished constructing our pizza boxes then begin to paint and decorate them just in time for us to make our own pizza bases in small groups this morning. We are looking forward to adding our pizza toppings this afternoon and putting them in our pizza delivery boxes to take home.

‘I had a lot of fun the dough was kinda squidgy and sticky’ 

‘I’m excited to add my toppings I having, cheese and sweetcorn‘

We are also looking forward to transferring our designs on to our t-shirts as well are having a go at testing possible car designs with the Lego kits this afternoon.


Team Pit Lane and Team Fast Lane spent the day preparing for the BIG Race @ LEGOLAND. Children designed their own team names, logos and Team T-shirts. We even got to create our own team sponsors designing our own pizzas and pizza boxes. We finished the day by using templates to construct a pizza box each.

‘I couldn’t believe it when I found out we were ACTUALLY going to make the pizza base!’

All the activities this week will help us to design and build our own LEGO cars at LEGOLAND on Friday.

‘We can’t wait to design and make LEGO car for the big race!’


‘You will never believe it, we get the chance to earn points to increase the number of rides we get to go on at LEGOLAND!’