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The Hilltop Governing Body


The Governing Body works with the school’s Headteacher and her Leadership Team to make sure that Hilltop lives up to its vision  


…to create and maintain a school that gives its children the best possible outcomes they can have.


The Governing Body carries out three roles at Hilltop:

  • Set the strategic direction of the school, ensuring that this is in line with the school’s vision, its ethos and the STRETCH values.
  • Holds the Headteacher and her Leadership Team to account for the quality of provision at Hilltop; to make sure that every child receives the best possible teaching, learns in a nurturing and exciting environment and is making excellent progress in their education as a result.
  • Monitor the school’s academic and financial performance, to ensure that the provision offered by Hilltop results in the children attaining well, compared to their peers across the country, and that the school is making the best use of the money in its budget.

Hilltop governors come from right across the school and wider community.  We have three governors currently elected by the parents, one governor elected by the staff of Hilltop, one elected by the Local Authority and four Co-Opted governors elected by the Governing Board itself and the Headteacher.  Individually they have wide-ranging skills which the Governing Board uses to carry out its work effectively, as outlined below. Collectively, what they all share is a strong commitment to the school and the children of Hilltop


Who's Who?


Chair of Governors

Derek Moss (Health & Safety; SEND; Safeguarding/Looked After Children Link Governor; HT Performance Management) Local Authority Governor June 2018



Darren James (Sports Premium Link Governor; HT Performance Management), March 2018

Rick Weller (Finance, Pay Committee) March 2018


Tim Cook (Teaching & Learning and Team Enchantment - KS1 Link Governor; Pay Committee) March 2018


Kiran Birk (Team Woodland - Early Years Foundation Stage Link Governor; Pay Committee) Parent Governor November 2015


Jas Sahota (Team Adventure - KS2 Link Governor; HT Performance Management) March 2018


Ihsan Khan Parent Governor June 2019


Carolyn Tunnah October 2019


Lynn Bima (Headteacher)

David Morgan (Teacher) Staff Governor May 2018