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Hilltop First School and Foundation Stage

Osmington Bay 2018

Friday’s Raft Building


Good morning from Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy. We’re raft building today, wearing our helmets and life jackets ready for the final race! 

We’ll be heading back for lunch soon to have burgers and then jumping on the coach ready to see you all 🤗 The children are all very excited and tired so we’re hoping for a quiet journey home. 

See you at about 5pm, the school office will keep you updated about our movements.

Mrs Glaves 


Thursday’s Activities

We have had another beautifully sunny day with lots of exciting activities. Orienteering got the children using their map and problem solving skills and it was amazing to see so many of the children conquer their fears whilst rock climbing.
Aeroball was great fun- it was competitive and involved trampolines. We also used our teamwork skills in buggy building, where the children built their own buggy and learnt to tie a clove hitch knot and a square lashing knot. Some groups enjoyed tunnel trails this afternoon, playing some games underground and using their senses to help them navigate. 
We are all looking forward to seeing you tomorrow after a good nights sleep, showers and some raft building in the morning.
We’re now off to PGL Sports Night for some more competitive fun. Today we learnt that PGL stands for Peter Gordon Lawrence, who started the company in the 1950’s. 
Mrs Glaves (leader of the Ninja Unicorns ⚔ 🦄 group 2)


Good morning! I very much enjoyed waking up some very sleepy children with my themed music and even a bit of singing and dancing with Mrs Glaves! The penultimate day is action packed with another set of activities including Aeroball, Orienteering and tackling the Climbing Wall. Tonight they finish off with a special PGL Sports extravaganza where we’ve heard we could be playing football rounders...can’t wait to see that looks like. Each child this evening will be awarded a well done from their group leader for something stand out they have personally achieved this week👍🏼. We are off to bounce in the aeroball arena, next update will be this evening. Mrs Johnson

Wednesday’s Activities

Good evening from a rainy Osmington Bay! Despite the weather, we have had a fabulous day! The children have enjoyed exploring the beach with some interesting stories, learnt how to paddle like professional kayakers and taken part in a very tall trapeze. Their bravery and willingness to develop their skills has been proven today and we are very proud of everyone. 

The children are raring and ready to play Ambush for tonight’s activity. 

We are all eating very well, with cooked meals 3 times a day!

We’ll update you tomorrow (hopefully sunny 😎) morning when we’re sure everyone will have had a great nights sleep 😴! Mrs Glaves


Good Morning from a fairly windy Osmington Bay! We have all had really good night’s sleep and are raring to go for day 2 of our activities. Mrs Johnson and Mrs Glaves’ group are off Kayaking this morning in Portland whilst Miss Foad and Miss Crawford-Smith’s group are off to conquer the trapeze and a beautiful beach walk. This afternoon Ms Kinsman will be joining us and the children are looking forward to her arrival. 

That’s all for now, Mrs Glaves will be back with this evening’s update later on today. Have a great Wednesday! Mrs Johnson 

Tuesday’s Activities

Well what a beautiful first full day it has been! As you can see the sun has been shining for us all day. The children have been getting fully involved with everything from buggy building, to low ropes courses and many fears have been conquered on the zip wire. We are so proud of how well they have behaved and supported each other throughout. With a tummy full of chicken nuggets and chips the children are starting their evening activity of ‘Wacky Races.’

With such a busy day completed, we are sure of an earlier bedtime tonight (the adults are certainly ready for it) Next update will be in the morning.

Mrs Johnson


After some extended bedtime reading, ALL children went to bed settled and happy. They were all awake before the wake up call (the adults are very disappointed that they haven’t had to use their ‘waking up’ tools yet...!) and we are getting ready for breakfast...heartsmiley

Today’s activities include a low level rope course, zip wire, sensory trail and buggy building. We will upload some photos later of our fun in the sun!

Mrs Johnson

14.05.18 We have arrived!

We have all arrived safe and sound. The children are playing some games in the sunshine whilst we wait for our rooms to be ready. They are very excited for campfire later this evening. Mrs Johnson