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Hilltop First School and Foundation Stage


The Science curriculum at Hilltop aims for pupils to work collaboratively and creatively to develop their understanding of the world around us and the wider universe. Our lessons appeal to the children's natural curiosity as they carry out investigations and record their observations, encouraging them to understand how scientists work. Opportunities are provided for pupils to work on the skill of making predictions, develop their ability to explain ideas or answers and to interpret and analyse scientific evidence.


Science planning is based on the National Curriculum using some resources from the Hamilton Trust. Science is planned on a two year rolling curriculum. Lessons are taught weekly for at least an hour. Double page spreads at the end of each unit are used to celebrate pupil’s knowledge. This form of recording knowledge allow pupils to creatively explain their learning through the use of writing and images. It guides pupils to reflect on their learning, knowledge and skills while helping teachers to see what long term memories have been created.


From exploratory play in the early years through to planning and conducting experiments in KS2, pupils make scientific links throughout their school life at Hilltop.