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Hilltop First School and Foundation Stage


Music is taught weekly by specialist teachers as part of the PPA cover cycle.  Pupils learn musicality and facts about composers and musical styles.  They sing songs and play tuned and untuned percussion instruments.  We follow the Kapow Primary Music Scheme which fulfills the statutory requirements for music outlined in the National Curriculum and aligns with the DfE Model Music Curriculum (2021).  Five strands run throughout the units of study:

  • Performing
  • Listening
  • Composing
  • History of Music
  • Inter-related dimensions of music


Kapow's Primary Music Scheme has been designed as a spiral curriculum with the following key principles in mind:

  • Cyclical: Pupils return to the same skills and knowledge gain and again during their time in primary school
  • Increasing depth: Each time a skill or area of knowledge is revisited, it is covered with greater depth.
  • Prior knowledge: Upon returning to a skill, prior knowledge is utilised so that pupils can build upon previous foundations rather than starting again.


All pupils in Key Stage 2 have an opportunity for introductory recorder lessons through the Into Music programme.


Private instrument lessons are offered in school by Berkshire Maestros.