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Our Relationship & Sex Education Policy consultation has now closed

Thank you to those parents who contacted us in response to this consultation.  We will be sharing our response in the coming weeks.


The DfE Sex and Relationship Education Guidance (2000) recommends that all primary schools should have a sex and relationship education programme tailored to the age and physical and emotional maturity of the children.


We have produced our draft policy in accordance with the statutory requirements set out by the DfE and are sharing it as part of the required parent and carer consultation process .  This is in line with DfE’s guidance on Parental Engagement in Relationship Education (2019) which states that "Both parents and schools play a key role in the education of children.  Parents should therefore be encouraged to be involved in their child’s education in schools.  Schools deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that will prepare pupils for life in modern Britain.  Constructive dialogue between schools and parents about that curriculum, as well as other aspects of the school’s activities, supports mutual understanding and ultimately benefits the progress of pupils."


Our consultation will remain open until 26th April.  Any responses should be submitted via the feedback link on this page.


DfE guidance states that by the Summer Term 2021, all primary schools must teach Relationships and Health Education.  The teaching of Sex Education in primary schools remains non-statutory, with the exception of the elements of sex education contained in the science National Curriculum: including knowledge of the main external body parts; the changes as humans develop to old age and reproduction in some plants and animals.  Other related topics that fall within the statutory requirements for Health Education, such as puberty and menstrual wellbeing, will be included within PSHE education lessons.


Further details on this statutory guidance can be found here: