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Hilltop First School and Foundation Stage

Supporting Mental Health & Wellbeing

Over recent months our children have experienced a time of extreme uncertainty and change.  Some will have shown incredible levels of resilience and sailed through this time with no questions or worries.  Others may have experienced loneliness, struggled with changes to their routines or experienced periods of anxiety.  We have gathered useful resources for parents in managing some of these challenges.  If you have any significant worries about the mental wellbeing or emotional health of your child please do contact the school so that we can help.

At Hilltop First School we are able to offer the following Social and Emotional support to pupils:


During PSHE lessons in the Autumn term, we follow the MindUP programme for all pupils in Year 1-4.  The MindUP program has been shown to increase pro-social actions, decrease aggressive behaviours, and improve academic achievement especially in maths and language arts.  Visit the MindUP site for ideas to use at home.


During the school day we might also use 'Time 2 Chill' videos from 5-a-day fitness.

5-a-day Fitness: Chillout (Time-2-Chill)

Like this? More videos available here: Have fun, get fit!