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How can we keep learning at home?

Children in Year 1-4 are set weekly home leanring by their class teacher.  This includes the following:

* Reading - we expect children to read to an adult at home at least 4 times across each week.

* Spellings

* MyMaths

* Prepare and Share English work


Teachers may from time to time tasks on one of the following online platforms.  These will also be used in the event of school being closed to a class following a Covid related concern.  Full details will be communicated to parents/carers via Tapestry or Class Dojo.



Parents of children in Team Woodland, please remember that Tapestry is a wonderful way for your child and their teachers to stay in touch.  We would love to see your photos and stories about learning at home.
Mixed resources and Computing Skills

Each child in the school has a unique Busy Things login.  Details are stuck in their Reading Record book.  Please keep these login details safe and do not share them.

login here:

Reading and Phonics

We have created  Oxford Owl year group login pages as follows.  Please click on 'My class login' on the top right.  The password for all groups is poppy

Reception username: hilltop yr          Year 1 username: hilltop y1          Year 2 username: hilltop y2

Year 3 username: hilltop y3               Year 4 username: hilltop y4

Choose the most appropriate age range to access a selection of fiction and non fiction books.  It would be great if children could keep a list of books that hey have read.  Older children should be encouraged to write a sentence or two about what they have read in their home school reading diary.

There is a parent link on the login page which will take you to lots of useful links including age appropriate Maths Activities.

Pupils in Year 1-4 have personal logins for Serial Mash.  These are stuck in their Reading Record Books.  Pupils will be set specific texts and tasks to complete in school or at home from time to time.

Log in here:

Each child in Nursery to Year 2 has a Letterland login.  Children in Team Enchantment have these stuck inside their home reading diary.  Children in Team Woodland will receive these logins once their class Phonic lesson are established and the staff feel that all children are confident in navigating the online resource independently.  Please do not share your child's login details.

School login page:

Maths and Number Concepts

TimesTables Rock Stars and Numbots (number bonds) have offered us a free licence over this time of school closure.  Children in Teams Adventure and Enchantment can login using the following details:

username: first letter of their 2019/20 class name followed by child's first name all in lower case with no spaces.

password: hfs1234

e.g. If James is in Meadow his username would be mjames    If Sarah is in Secret Garden her username would be ssarah

Please change your child's password when you log in for the first time.

Please contact the school office if you are having difficulties logging in.

All children in Teams Enchantment and Team Adventure have a personal MyMaths login.  This is stuck in thero Reading Record Book.  Weekly maths home learning tasks are set on MyMaths for all pupils in Years 1-4.

There are also lots of games which improve fluency and accuracy in key number concepts.

Log in here: